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Performance Based on Interactive Technology

Audiovisual performance. Sound, music, interactiin, image, light. MITOSIS is an audiovisual show based in throw self made systems. An audiovisual composition of 50´ duration.

This is a project in which merge various disciplines, such as scenic arts, interactive art and new media, music, sound art and video art. For this project Neuronoise have been researching new forms of audiovisual expression, leading to investigate profoundly in the field of electronic experimentation, creating and developing in the last years, numerous electronic systems not only for our own projects but also for works and projects and scenic applications for other artists and musicians. After al long period of investigation in the field of audiovisual performance we have developed various physical interfaces and specific software for each one of them. The unlimited expansion of the expressive capacities of the human being is what encourages Neuronoise the most to keep their research in this field.

During the process of composition of a work and the live show we try to strengthen the reach of the real time controllers to the maximum of their possibilities. Thus, an intervention based on these systems, makes a clear disociation between what the executants are doing and what is really heard, a symultaneous "interpretation-creation" takes place, where the software of the computer calculates and processes a series of data and events that transform the sound, the image and the light in real time.

This work is based in partially interactive systems and non-conventional musical instruments designed and developed specially to fit the project and linked to the creation of sound, image and stage-light in real time. As if it was an audiovisual orchestra, the musicians-performers execute audiovisual pieces manipulating the instruments. The result of the creation is influenced both visually and acustically, by organic textures, using the music composition techniques that are typical of electroacustic music, concrete music and electronic minimalist music.


Idea, concept

Music, instruments, performers

Alex Posada, Carlos Martínez

Electronic engineering
Alex Posada

Carlos Martínez

Visuals and video software

Eloi Maduell

Special thanks to
Miguel Ángel de Heras, Antònia Folguera, Zedosia Fernández,
Laura Palomé,
Bartosz Zygmunt, Aránzazu Fernández, David Hodges, Sandra Hernandez, , Sónom (Borja Fernández, Jano y Diego el de León)

This initiative has been supported by